Imagine what your life would be like if you took the time to really think about how you wanted to live, overcame your challenges and then put this plan into action?

I know how overwhelmed you are feeling; prioritising everyone else, spending your time chasing your tail just to keep on top of things whilst the plates you are spinning get more and more out of control and the harder that you try; the worse things seem to get.

I know how overwhelmed you are feeling; prioritising everyone else, spending your time chasing your tail just to keep on top of things whilst the plates you are spinning get more and more out of control and the harder that you try; the worse things seem to get.

My clients want the best from life

They juggle family life with work life & looking good is vitally important to them. They want it all; family, career, holidays, health, fun and adventure but they feel like they are failing at most of it.

Their lives are full to bursting as they try too hard at everything that they do, spreading themselves too thinly and the stress levels rise and rise and although from the outside it may appear that they are super successful, they are drowning behind the scenes.  They worry about their health, the health of their children & that they don’t give their children the best of themselves.  They have no focus other than keeping their head above water.  They have it all and often berate themselves for still not being happy


My name is Sarah and I have been you

I have spent the last couple of years rebuilding my life with my 2 little girls after a divorce.  Trying to tick all of those boxes whilst giving off the impression that I was fine and it was easy.  The truth is that it wasn’t, I was the swan serenely floating around but under the water I was kicking furiously to keep my head above water and the more I tried, the worse things became. 

I was everything to everyone, I lost focus, I gave up on all of the joys of life to try and earn more money because I thought that that would make life easier and I just wanted to keep the facade going because if I let the cracks start to show everything would fall to pieces and that is exactly what happened.  


Everything got on top of me and I couldn’t go on anymore

But I refused to give up and I refused to be told what to do. I wanted to rise again but with my values intact this time, not somebody else’s and so instead of banging my head against the same brick wall, I learnt to breathe, gave myself permission to take care of myself and started to rediscover the things that lit the fire in my belly.

I put a total focus on living my best life by deciding how this life looked and more importantly how I showed up in it. Through a combination of styling & intentional living I de-cluttered my home & my mind.  I now have a capsule wardrobe of beautiful clothes that I love; nothing more; nothing less and I don’t have to spend my time shopping or comparing myself to others.

Now I take care of my health & wellness through high levels of self-care

I have built high levels of self care into my lifestyle Including running, yoga, personal training, regular massage & facials, manicures, pedicures, baths, healings, retreats, eating well & using natural beauty products to nourish my body. Now I enjoy quality time with my children and family stress free as I can finally live in the moment. 

I get to travel to incredible places and live in a beautiful home and work with amazing, inspirational people and enjoy the perks of drinking my favourite pink champagne (just for fun) without feeling guilty.  The best bit is that I get to do all of this with the purpose of setting an example to my children to live a meaningful life where you only consume that which brings you joy!


That’s why I created the 'Style your Best Life' programme

Imagine a life where you take control and become the woman that you want to be - where you show up each day unashamedly & beautifully as the finest version of yourself.  

  • The stress goes & the procrastination disappears & you have space in your mind & home

  • your health problems disappear and you shine with the joy, passion & reward of your incredible life

  • You love the time that you spend with your children and friends and family

  • You feel carefree, motivated and purposeful each and everyday doing only what you love

  • You have everything that you ever wanted and it is easy

  • you’re no longer struggling; you are thriving and life feels amazing because you are experiencing all of the benefits of your new way of living


My signature programme costs £4,000 and runs over 3 months to include:

A one day intensive with me

9 x 90 minute coaching sessions (3 per month)

I only work with 3 clients each month so that I can give them the best of my energy and attention.  

All funds to be paid in full, upfront, by PayPal, to secure your place on the programme (there is limited availability so please contact me asap if you have any questions)


I have met so many people who have a dream but are too scared/busy to live it

I coach them to focus on what the vision of their best life looks like & more importantly what they look like in this vision.  We then look at creating this person through an intentional wardrobe, emanating a style that is defined and refined and then carrying this vision through all aspects of their lives so that they start to live their dream in an intentional and purposeful way.  Removing any clutter that doesn’t sit well with their goals and then watching the dramatic changes that unfold when the knock on effects kick in.

Addressing the areas that you feel that you are struggling in can feel like admitting failure but you are so wrong. Identifying these and focusing your attention on them is imperative to living a happy and fulfilled life for you and those around you.  Your energy and vibe is so easily picked up on and creates the same vibe in those around you.  Working on your stumbling bocks not only helps you live an amazing life but it also step changes the lives of those around you; often encouraging them to be better in everything that they do.  Not only that but working on your infrastructure and identifying the things that you aren’t happy with allows change to take place! If you don’t do it, nothing will change.

Do you always want to be struggling? 

Waiting for the time when you can put more into yourself?  Waiting for the children to be grown up before you start to live again. Waiting for a pay rise so that you can do the renovations on your house so that you are happy? I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news but it doesn’t happen.  Change only happens when you take control of your life and none of us are getting out alive so now seems as good a time as any.

How amazing would it be to be the one that made the changes, that became the incredible, stylish, successful and stress free woman who has it all?  Family, career, lifestyle, fun & freedom from limitations?  Are you ready to be that woman because she isn’t going to disappear, you need to recognise that she is in there and will make your life hard until you let her out! 

It is imperative that you are at your best so that your children & your relationships can flourish.  You need to put your oxygen mask on first before you can help others so please don’t lose sight of how valuable you are. You deserve to live your best life and I promise that those around you will thank you for putting this time and effort into improving your life.  



Give THE best version of yourself a chance

I only work with a few, motivated women each month so that I can give them the best of my energy so please complete the booking form to arrange a time for us to talk about how you can start on your journey towards that new, incredible life. 

I look forward to hearing from you.

The time is now, please don’t lose sight of that.