In order to achieve success in the social media mayhem you must take control of your social media. Ensure that you have a set a clear intention of what you want to achieve and how you are going to get there.  

One of the most important aspects of Social Media is being sociable!!! Not rocket science but it is easy to forget this when you are so interested in what you are posting and how you are being perceived.  If you work in isolation of others you won't gain any traction.

You need to be sociable if you are going to get involved and the best route to success and gaining a following is by enjoying it. Don't let it be a chore, let it serve a purpose to inspire you every day and to spur you on to do things that maybe you wouldn't have previously done.  

Whilst my children are still small (one at school, one at nursery) I don't get to leave the house very much but knowing that I need to be creating inspiring content for my social media accounts makes me more motivated and decisive.  

Putting plans into action that maybe I wouldn't have bothered with before because no one was going to see them apart from myself.  It makes me more accountable and I use it to vision board my life to a degree and set intentions for myself.  

Think about the following:

Community creates accountability

Accountability creates follow through action

Action creates results

Put yourself out there, see what other people that you admire are doing and interact with them.  Promote other people and brands that you like, convey your passions, show your spirit, expose your you.  It is like a huge, beautiful networking opportunity and there are like minded people out there who will want to listen to your advice and share your experiences.

If you need any help identifying your niche and story and developing your business then get in touch.

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