My Favourite Products


Dr Haushka Rose Day Cream

Ok so I have tried pretty much every face cream out there and this is the one that I always come back to. It’s pretty thick and feels greasy (that sounds awful!) but it is soooo nourishing. 100% natural, not tested on animals and clean as can be. My 40+ year old skin that suffers from pigmentation and acne absolutely loves it. Highly recommend and they have a Rose Day Cream Light for those wanting something lighter :-)

Buy it here

solgar magnesium citrate

I cannot live without my Magnesium boost. After having my first child I was bloated & chronically ill with a nasal drip, hives and migraines as well as acne again! Magnesium was one of my saviours. Magnesium is necessary to facilitate the use of calcium and without it calcium can build up in us as fatty deposits and lead to bloating & acne. Women in particular race through their magnesium stores when they are under stress….a supplement is pretty much essential as a mum. It helps my energy levels (I suffer with chronic fatigue) and stops my restless legs and helps me sleep (two tables at bedtime).

I buy mine from my favourite shop Energetic Health in Cobham as they are always there to offer advice but you can get yours here

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Better You Magnesium Flakes

Little bit magnesium obsessed. My wonderful homeopath Jenny Watson recommended magnesium baths to me and they are just the best. Self care and health care at the same time. I try to have a magnesium bath 2/3 times a week. Simply add 250g of flakes to a tub of hot water…I like to add a few drops of lavender oil or bergamot or whatever floats my boat at the time to make it smell nice, It is super relaxing, the magnesium gets absorbed through your skin and leaves you feeling ready for an amazing snooze whilst nourishing your skin. Simply the best.

Get yours here or I get mine from Ocado when they have a Buy 2 get 3rd free offer on

form nutrition performance protein powder

Another life saver in the busy, trying to do it all mum world! I saw a nutritionist after having my first child as my health really suffered and the one thing I learnt that was so valuable and has saved me from the black hole of chronic fatigue is the importance of protein in my diet, In the dream world I can get my supply from beautifully home cooked food but I live a super busy life right now and that just doesn’t happen so I use the cleanest supplement I can find and I have tried A LOT! This is my favourite so far and I also love the ethos of the company so a win win in my eyes..

Get yours here and you’ll get £5 off your first order :-)

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evolve beauty african orange aromatic wash & lotion

OMG I’m in heaven…I just love a natural orange scent and these are vegan, cruelty free and eco-friendly…what’s not to love! Made in small batches in Hertfordshire, England these products are uplifting, delicious & effective and they make me feel like I am really spoiling myself without spending a fortune.

Get yours here