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Want to start living your most stylish & inspired life?



Start showing up for yourSELF

We all need to become more intentional in the way that we live our lives if we want to show up at our best and become more sustainable for the sake of our own health and that of the planet. Decision fatigue, overwhelm and comparison are major drains in our lives. Don’t let them rob you of the energy to be your best self. Take back control of your life now with my 7 Day Lifestyle Challenge which encapsulates my essential daily wellbeing routine.


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Hey there

I’m Sarah Miller.


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I empower visionary women who want more from life to realise their true potential by taking control of their self image and their wellbeing through a high quality & sustainable lifestyle.

I believe that we all have the power to create the life that we dream of by making intentional choices to become our best selves through a very conscious lifestyle with self image at the very core of this.

I work with my clients to look at more than just the clothes on their backs; I look at empowering them to show up as the best version of themselves by ensuring that their wardrobe is reflective of the quality of lifestyle that they wish to lead allowing them to achieve great success through an increasingly simplified lifestyle.

A cross between a personal stylist, a life coach, a health coach and a self image guru. I believe that our self image is the driver for us to lead a more intentional life and to really connect with our authentic selves. It defines who we are to ourselves and the world.

Courses for Visionaries

Intentional living is the dream but the infrastructure must be put into place first. Take time to make the rest of your life the best by focussing in on what’s really important to you and how you want to show up from now on. I have developed a course to help you build your infrastructure and ensure that your self belief is rock solid so nothing can overcome you,


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Our latest musings

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7 Day Lifestyle Challenge

A lifestyle challenge to help you start living more intentionally to reduce your stress & overwhelm and find your joy and happiness.

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