Why it's so important to Style your Best Life...

What does your best life look like? Do you even care?

Well you really should.

I am fortunate that I have had a chance to re-evaluate my life at the age of 40 plus with two small children and a divorce under my belt.  What it has taught me is that life is precious, incredibly so.  Too precious to let any more time slip by without living a more intentional lifestyle where I do all of the things that I dream of doing and start being the person that I believe I can be.

Intentional living is not a new concept but it is one that can fall by the wayside when you have achieved your initial goals to have 2.4 children, live in a nice house and go on a couple of nice holidays a year.  As I have got older and hit the pause button on my life I have had a huge reassessment of what is important to me and how I want to live out the precious years ahead of me.

Not all of you reading this will need this advice.  Some people just have their shit together and live a very intentional, values & purpose driven lifestyle already but I meet a lot of women like me who; after having children, may have let life get on top of them whilst they tried to keep everything together.

Really taking time out to think about what it is that you want from life and how you show up each day is massively important to the quality of life that you will achieve.  Spending time on you and your wants & desires is a form of self-care that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Styling my best life has taken a lot of work to even recognise what it is that drives me.  Now that I know, I have an overriding sense of purpose through my lifestyle and my work and that person that I hoped one day to become is now me.

I’m not talking about blowing the ship on your life; I’m talking about really thinking about the direction you are going in and whether this suits you.  For me self-image has played a very important part in my journey. It is something that I have ignored and then focussed in on and then ignored again whilst I tried to get the balance right.  Through my experimentation with this and deeper investigation into it I have discovered that it is a great big deal; self image defines who you are to yourself & the world and if this essence of yourself is off, then how you interact with life is also affected in a big way.

Really honing in on my self-image has allowed me to address my wider lifestyle goals and streamline my life to one that is lived purposefully and with intent (well that’s the goal but sometimes I still slip up, I’m only human!!).  All of the overwhelm of decision making and comparison has been replaced with a sense of calm and a new confidence in myself. This is me.  This is the life that I want to live and I have styled it exactly as I want it to be.  I am steering my ship now rather than just being buffeted by the storm and you can too.

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Life is here to be lived; lets consciously live it together,

Sarah x

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