To Botox or not to Botox...?!

I don’t know about you but I felt very pressurised to fill my face with botox in the last couple of years. Perhaps it was because I became single again at the age of 40 and my self esteem was pretty low and societies expectations are that we are permanently wrinkle free it seems and I find that hard to deal with as I love aesthetics!

I have to admit that yes I have had botox to try and ease the permanent frown lines between my eyebrows but it didn’t really work. My body threw out the toxins super fast and the frown was back. The only way to manage it would be to have seriously strong botox and keep up the injections until the frown lost it’s strength!!!! Of course it is the strongest muscle in my body since being under stress for a long time!

It didn’t sit well with me. I am all about holistic health and wellness and healing from the inside out and there was me injecting my forehead to make myself look more attractive. The problem is that I didn’t feel more attractive, I just felt a bit fake and concerned about the long term effects of botox as it hasn’t been in use for long enough to get any real idea of what it does to your body. Also, the wrinkles just relocated to a different part of my forehead!!

I remember going to see an acupuncturist soon after having botox about my back that permanently hurt and I mentioned the botox and she suggested that perhaps I ought to deal with what was making me frown rather than just trying to freeze my face! She was right and I continued on my self care journey with extra vigour.

I still find it hard to deal with the pressure of the expectation that we should all look perfect and wrinkle free as we get older. I am pretty wrinkly from stress, weight loss and sun damage (total sun worshiper, definitely a reptile or cat in a previous life). With social media opening us up to the world and more ways to ‘cheat the system’ when it comes to ageing I have felt pretty confused and a bit lost.

As a lifestyle blogger who puts her face out there a lot now (it is still way out of my comfort zone and literally makes my skin crawl but I do it for a reason) I felt pressurised to conform to the anti-ageing rules but then I thought about what I stand for and why I do what I do and realised that pretending to be something I am not is just against my values.

Yes I face tune myself if I am looking particularly grissly in a bad light with no make up on but as a general rule I try to be real. I want my girls to grow up in a world where growing old gracefully is the thing to do. I do this by respecting my body through exercise, self care and nourishment. Yes I take supplements like my Beauty Chef Collagen but they are all natural.

Lets not set an unrealistic standard for life and be real. Take care of your body, mind and soul and you will be exactly as you need to be (note to self). If a man doesn’t want to be with me because I am too wrinkly then I sure as hell don’t want to be with him!

Any thoughts ladies? x

Sarah Miller