The Importance of Personal Brand Identity

Your personal brand identity is your business life-line whether you choose to believe it or not!  It is the essence of your business, the infra-structure that everything else works from and is the main reason why you will achieve continued success.  

Without a strong brand vision and identity there is only so far that you will go before the competition takes over.  It is a super competitive environment out there with so many advancements in technology that you need to take it seriously.

Your personal brand essentially helps you to add value as consumers look for cues that companies that they work with are known, liked and trusted and they are happy to pay a premium for the reassurance that that creates for them.  It also allows your business to have scalability to show up all over the world as looking ready to do business if you have put thought into your brand.

In order to build your brand assets you need to consider these 2 key areas: the philosophy of the brand & the identity:

The philosophy requires pinning down a clear, well documented vision of what you are about.  My philosophy is - believe | achieve | be your best.  For me this sums up exactly what we all need to do through life and our businesses to be successful - self belief, working hard to achieve and always showing up at your best.

The identity needs to be consistent and repetitive across all of your marketing assets from your shop front (be this physical or a website) to your social media platforms, flyers, business cards etc.  It doesn't need to be overly complicated, in fact, in this complex world, simple colours, words and fonts are much more reassuring.  Giving your brand identity an audit and ensuring that you are showing up consistently across all of your social media platforms and website is a good place to start.

Please don't underestimate the value of investing in your brand identity.  It is a bit like investing in your own health.  You can't afford to let either decline.

If you would like any further information or assistance with your personal brand identity then please get in touch.  I can help you clarify your vision, focus your identity and ensure that you are showing up consistently across all of your marketing communications including your social media channels.

Sarah Miller