Homemade Almond Milk Recipe


So, finally, after years and years of talking about making my own almond milk I have finally got round to doing it!!  It was only when I looked at how much I use almond milk in my day to day life – which is a lot as I don’t drink regular milk (I don’t like it and it doesn’t agree with me) that I was inspired to get off my ass and make it.

The number of ingredients in shop bought almond milk is disturbing along with the amount of carton wastage I was going through.  So in an attempt to practice what I preach (clean living & sustainability where possible) I got the required tools together and just got on with it.

Here is everything you need to know to make your own delicious, healthy almond milk: 


- Vitamix or another high power blender (I can’t recommend Vitamix enough, I have had my blender for over 5 years and I love it…100% worth the investment as it is so versatile).  This is the one that I use

-      A bowl (preferably glass) with pouring lip ideally and a lid (this bowl must hold over a litre of liquid otherwise you will have milk overflow!)

-      A square jam muslin (I have found the square muslin easier to use personally) https://www.amazon.co.uk/Tala-10A00119-Jam-Muslin/dp/B003FXQFNU

-      Glass bottles/jars for storage


Organic almonds (best to buy in bulk but I started with the biggest bag I could get from my local supermarket)

Filtered water

Step 1

Place a cup of almonds (a large handful) into the bowl and cover with water (so you have at least 2 cms of water above the almonds as they are going to soak it up) and then pop it into the fridge to soak overnight 

Step 2

Once the almonds have soaked overnight, drain the water and wash the almonds and rinse the bowl.

Step 3

Add the soaked almonds to your blender along with a litre of filtered water (how much/little water you add will dictate how thick your milk is, I have found this to be a good ratio) and blend for about 10 seconds on high (dependent on the power of your blender but you will be able to see once they have blended)

Step 4

Place your square muslin over your bowl with the corners hanging over the edge and pour the blended almonds mixture in making sure you don’t overfill and have major spillage

Step 5

Pull up each side of the muslin into your hand so that all of the liquid is trapped inside and start to twist the mixture so the milk starts to seep through the muslin directly into the bowl

N.B. I do not peel the skin off of my almonds before I blend as there is no need to

Step 6

Once you have squeezed out all of the milk, pour your beautiful, homemade almond milk into your container and chill for up to 2 days.  You will be left with the almond meal, which can be used to add to smoothies and cooking.


I promise you that it is so straightforward once you get into the swing of it and it is soooooooooooooo worth it.  At first the milk tastes so different to the shop bought version and looks so different (it’s white not grey and gloopy!!) but once you’ve tried it you’ll never go back!

I would love to hear your feedback on your homemade almond milk journey! Just pop a comment below.  Bonus points to the first person to tell me that they have got round to making some and a picture would be awesome!!  Life is for living.  Go do the things you love and brag about it to inspire others to do the same!! xx

Sarah Miller