Child Friendly Green Smoothie Recipe

So here is the recipe for the best child friendly green smoothie that I have come across and it is courtesy of my friend Jenny who runs and manages an amazing holistic health store called Energetic Health in Cobham, Surrey (highly recommend) and she is also an incredible & inspiring homeopath…good creds for great smoothie :-)


6-8 ice cubes

a small handful of frozen pineapple (don’t handle it though, it’s cold!)

an apple chopped into pieces

a banana

approx a quarter of a cucumber chopped into pieces

fresh lime (squeezed)

a big handful of spinach

Put everything into your blender in the order listed above and blend until smooth - add some water if it is too thick.

Pour into a beautiful vessel and drink up the goodness.

I must admit it took me a while to get the girls on board with this. What I did was make it for myself in a nice glass with my reusable stainless steel straw and drank it in front of them a lot. When they expressed interest I let them try it. Once they had tried and liked I gave them a little bit in a cool bottle that I reused from my juice fast (which I undertook this year with the Juice Smith, epic fail, more another time) each with a paper straw when I next made it. Now they ask me to make it for them.

It’s all about leading by example and it really is tasty enough & sweet enough for them to enjoy. For me it feels like a massive win if they have drunk this before they head off to school and I don’t feel so anxious about what they eat for the rest of the day because I know that they have had a good portion of goodness.

Would love to hear how you do with onboarding your kids with this one. Drop me some feedback in the comments below.

Go be your best everyday.

Sarah xxx

Sarah Miller