Hi, I'm Sarah


I'm a mum to two gorgeous little girls and we have a super busy life trying to have it all!

I have spent the last couple of years  'Styling my Best Life' after I got divorced. A mixture of stress, anxiety, depression, chronic illnesses & a feeling of complete hopelessness led me on a huge journey of personal growth and what really resonated with me was the importance of self image and what a huge factor it played in leading a purposeful, happy life - my ultimate goal!

A hippie at heart (albeit a sophisticated one!), I wanted to be able to live an amazing life full of joy, adventure & travel and look & feel great without feeling guilty for pursuing the things that made me happy.  My family & friends told me that I SHOULD be doing whatever it took to earn money to provide for my children, even if it meant doing things that I didn't enjoy and giving up all of the things that I did enjoy.  It always felt like I couldn't have it all and the more I did what I SHOULD and sidelined the things that I loved; the worse I felt; until I finally broke my mind, body & spirit.

  As a single mum there really was no time to give up so I used my marketing skills from when I worked in top London agencies and put myself through a complete branding process, something that I have always been so passionate about.  When I coupled this with my belief in holistic living and health & wellness; everything seemed to fall into place. I finally know myself again & what drives me. I can't even begin to explain what a relief it is!

Consciously putting time into styling your best life leads to a huge ripple effect on your health, happiness & relationships.

Get in touch if you would like to hear more or to arrange a powerful, transformative, 1.5 hour coaching session absolutely free of charge.  The more I can share my knowledge to inspire others, the happier I become x