Hello, my name is Sarah Miller

Iā€™m a single mum to two little girls with an insatiable wanderlust and a passion for holistic health, wellness & self image. I used to work in marketing in top London agencies and spent my spare time travelling the world and living life to the full. Now I work to empower women to live their best lives by focussing in on their vision of their best life & how they show up in it as this is something that brought me back from the edge in recent years when my life went a bit awry.

I hope that this blog inspires & empowers you to become the best version of yourself and live your best life! We only get one chance, lets make it a good one.

I would love to hear your feedback on what helps and what you would like to hear more about. Feel free to follow me on IG @theconsciouslifestylist for more updates.