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It all started with a mum, a divorce and a dream of a better life.

I'm a 40 something mum to two gorgeous little girls and we have a super busy life trying to have it all!

I have spent the last couple of years consciously styling my best life after I got divorced and lost everything that I knew at the ripe old age of 40.

A mixture of stress, anxiety, depression, chronic illnesses & a feeling of complete hopelessness led me on a huge journey of personal growth and what really resonated with me was the importance of self image, wellbeing and intentional living and what a huge factor they play in leading a purposeful, happy life - my ultimate goal!

I have worked tirelessly to create a strong infrastructure for my life which adheres to my values and integrity and allows me to show up as my best self whilst juggling the demands of two little girls, keeping home, earning money, arranging endless logistics with my ex-husband, exercising, eating well, dating, being conscious of my impact on the planet and allowing myself time to breathe, travel, create, read, enjoy a glass of rosé and be grateful. . .phew! Life can be overwhelming. . .

My mission is to help others to live their best life by reducing their overwhelm, regaining their sense of self and finding their happy by using the methods that I successfully used for myself and cutting out the trial and error that I went through!

I believe that we all have the ability to style the life of our dreams but we need to take the time to think about what that life looks like for us as individuals and how it works with our own specific values.

I encourage you to focus in on your vision of your best self and empower you to become this person through not just your self image & personal style but also through a very intentional lifestyle with wellbeing at the very core.



I firmly believe that our self image defines who we are to ourselves and the world and advocate decluttering your wardrobe and your life and finding joy through living with less. Quality over quantity is where its at and this offers us so much more headspace and capacity to enjoy the moments rather than rush to the destination…whilst looking stylish as we go! Obvs!

We only have one life and if you are anything like me you are nearing half way through...lets make the rest the best

So if you are ready to start taking steps towards achieving your previously unrealised goals, reducing your overwhelm, re-gaining your sense of self and finding your happy again then have a look at how I can help you by clicking the button below.

I also write a blog about my journey from broken to flourishing & have created a 7 Day Lifestyle Challenge to give you a taste of how simple, intentional/mindful steps can create a big change in how you feel so sign up now. It’s the methods that I use everyday to keep me on track and I really couldn’t do without them.

Wishing you well on your journey wherever you are at and always here to lend an ear to those who are struggling and need a helping hand, I’ve been there and it was the kindness of others that really pulled me out of the dark hole.

I would be honoured to give back as much as I can and that is my aim for this space.

Much love & here’s to always living with stylish intention!